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Asset retirement

We provide flexible, hassle-free asset retirement solutions, adapted to your individual needs.

IT asset disposal

Need to retire old IT assets? We will make the process more efficient and less painful.

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Profitable and efficient solutions for your end-of-life electronic and computer equipment.


What is E-Waste?

Electronic Waste or E -Waste – is the term used to describe old, end-of-life electronic appliances such as Computers, Laptops, TVs, DVD players, Mobile Phones, Mp3 players, Household Appliances, or components hereof like PC Boards etc. which have been disposed of by their original users. While there is no generally accepted definition of e-waste, in most cases e-waste consists of relatively expensive and essentially durable products used for data processing, entertainment in private households and in businesses.

Public perception of E -Waste is often restricted to a narrower sense, comprising mainly of end-of-life information- & telecommunication equipment and consumer electronics. However technically, electronic waste is only a subset of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). According to the OECD any appliance using an electric power supply that has reached its end-of-life would fall under WEEE.


  • IT and Telecom Equipment
  • Large Household Appliances
  • Small Household Appliances
  • Consumer and Lighting Equipment
  • Electrical and Electronic Tools
  • Toys, Leisure and Sports Equipment
  • Medical Devices
  • Monitoring and Control Instruments


Recycling Process

Cyber Save follows a strict recycling hierarchy for all the used Electric, PVC and Electronic equipment we receive. When your equipment is brought to our processing facility it is weighed and inventoried. The computer and computer peripheral equipment then goes through the following phases:


The first phase of the electronics recycling process is to visually inspect each unit before further processing.
Storage devices are immediately removed and all data is destructed in accordance to our policy or dismantled and destroyed if not to be re-used.


All electronic Equipment is separated and tested for any working equipment. All non-working equipment is then manually dismantled and separated into metals, plastics, PCB's etc. Working equipment is then refurbished and software and drivers reloaded.


After dismantling the electronics, all the components and materials that remain will be processed to be sent back into the recycling stream to be used in making new products. Working equipment is re marketed and reintroduced into the market at a fraction of original cost.


E-waste Disposal & Recycling.

Cyber Save has a proven track record in E-waste and ITAD disposal and recycling. We collect nationally and service any size business or company and even households.

Re marketing.

Our I.T Division ensures that strict protocol be followed when refurbishing. All equipment go through strict testing to ensure customer satisfaction. Also providing a repair service and sales of new equipment, parts and accessories to the public. We provide warranty on all products.

Data Destruction.

Cyber Save makes privacy of sensitive data a priority. With strict handling methods and destruction methods to ensure that we uphold the highest standard. We can provide digital and physical destruction to any storage devices. We provide our clients with detailed and serialised destruction certificates on request. Cyber Save has opened this service to the public and businesses in general.

“White-boxing” & Clean Outs.

Cyber Save offers client a unique electronic white-boxing services where we detect, dismantle and remove all electronic components and cabling in a proper manner leaving the premises ready for new tenants. Furthermore, we provide computer room and warehousing clean outs that are tailored to customer desires.

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