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Welcome to Cyber Save

Short introduction

We recover the precious metals from e-waste and discourage dumping of e-waste on landfill sites by means of providing a safe, complete end of cycle recycling solution at no cost to you. We provide free and safe transportation of all redundant and obsolete equipment.

Corporate Services

Guaranteed that all of your universal waste management is performed safely and responsibly.

Convenient Pickup

We offer a free business and residential pickup services to recycle your electronics in a safe manner.

Certificate of destruction

Certificates of destruction are issued for equipment and storage devices, to clients who require these.

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Our Services

What we do

We recycle electrical end electronic equipment such as CRT and LCD monitors, Laptop computers, Desktop computers, Servers, Scanners, PC boards, UPS & UPS batteries, Keyboards, Mouses, Cellphones, Stoves, Microwave ovens, and many more.

Cyber Safe guarantees the highest security levels for its clients data. We ensure full control of your data security and operate with the highest standard of care.

After taking possession your IT equipment (hardware, servers and hard disks, SSD and flash drives), we hold the full responsibility in regards to safe and secure disposition of these assets and data stored in it. Due to the safety and reliability of our work processes, your data won’t be accidentally lost and revealed to any third parties at any stage of IT asset disposal: from the moment of taking the assets from you to the complete disposal of these assets.

+27 (0) 10 140 1618
155 Forest Road, Benoni AH, 1501
Open Hours
Mondays to Thursdays : 08h00 – 16h30. Fridays : 08h00 – 15h00
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