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Welcome to Cyber Save


Cyber Save is a progressive leader in the electronics recycling and I.T. Asset Disposal industry and contribute to recycling as a means to better our world. Through our public services we strive to better our community through equal opportunity and a commitment to environmental stewardship by the reduction of E-waste and by re-purposing I.T Assests and electronics. Recycling electronics is a very simple and eco-friendly process. We treat or process used electronics in order to make the materials more suitable for reuse.

We provide our services on a national level and service any size company, school or even households.

With an IT division at Cyber Save we can successfully recover and re-use as much waste/assets as possible in effort to providing reasonable measures for the prevention of pollution.


Our vision is to become a premier recycler, providing all businesses and consumers an environmentally responsible way to dispose of their Electric and Electronic waste, and at the same time recover precious metals ,all of which conserves our resources and lessens the amount of waste going into landfills.

Our unique approach and fast processes sets as far apart from our competition.


Cyber thrnd eco-friendly process. We treat or process used electronics in order to make the materials more suitable for reuse.

  • Understand the benefits of working and staying in a clean and neat environment.
  • Zero waste to landfills (rather recycle).
  • Recover components and precious metals.
  • Job Creation within the waste and I.T industry.

Customer Satisfaction

To ensure that customers are serviced effectively and extend services to them in particular. To communicate with customers regularly. To set a high level of service to the customers through continuous improvement of quality assurance. To research and develop new service methodologies and products.


To identify and pursue the market in alignment with its competencies and capabilities.
To integrate the entity with appropriate participation from experts in the field.
To subscribe to a business ethic and value that would please its customers and other stakeholders.


Policy in general would be guided by the founding members in the interim and developed by Cyber Save going forward. However, in the normal course of conducting business, it is necessary for Cyber Save to document what is intended to be followed in practice and to communicate this to all stakeholders in the value chain. Policy, strategy and activity should be aligned. Misalignment and inhibitive factors should be dealt with soonest. In alignment with the process, vision and mission of Cyber Save it is necessary to indicate to personnel and prospective internal and/ or external clients, how contact, first entry and subsequent action and results are attained within Cyber Save.

Outline of Waste Management Plan:

  • Enquire a list of collection points and physical addresses, contact person, telephone numbers, E-Mail addresses etc. from all groups and offices.
  • Introduce Cyber Save as official service provider.
  • Identify and communicate what waste qualify as e-waste.
  • Establish what quantity of waste to accumulate before collection.
  • Establish frequency of collection for each group or office.
  • Group or office to phone or e-mail Cyber Save to book a collection at least one week in advance.
  • Group or Offices to Provide Cyber Save with a list of e-waste ready for collection (Calculation of vehicle size needed).
  • Cyber Save confirm collections.
  • Collect E-waste.
  • Weigh E-Waste, mail invoice and make payment.
  • Recycle Waste according to Environmental Policy.
  • Issue a recycled/destruction certificate on request.



Cyber Save is committed to conducting its electricity distribution operations and business activities in a manner that prevents or minimizes pollution and other adverse impacts on the environment and to re-use as much as possible of all relevant equipment in effort to reduce waste.


To fulfill this commitment, Cyber Save will:

  • Comply with all environmental legislation, formal agreements, and relevant industry standards.
  • Ensure environmental impacts are considered in the planning, design, construction, decommissioning and operation of our work.
  • Recognize the biodiversity of areas under its operational control, and avoid unnecessary disturbance to cultural and natural sites of significance.
  • Respond openly and constructively to the reasonable expectations of the community on environmental matters.
  • Use resources efficiently, minimize waste and where practicable reuse or recycle materials generated by our operations.
  • To re market and reintroduce workable components and assets, minimizing waste production.
  • Ensure privacy and destruction of client data.
  • Inform Cyber Saves agents, advisers, contractors and consultants of the Environmental Policy.

Important Notes:

  • All collected waste/assets that can or possibly can will be re-used and re marketed unless otherwise stated by client.
  • Clients can request that certain or all storage devices be destroyed.
  • Client can request a serial or detailed waste/asset audit. This process must be discussed beforehand.

* The above mentioned must be given in writing to Cyber Save beforehand. Cyber Save cannot be held liable should no agreement be met in writing.


Waste minimisation and Recycling

The National Environmental Management: Waste Amendment Act, 2014 (Act No26 of 2014).
Recovery refers to the controlled extraction (of material) or retrieval of (energy) any substance, [or] material or object from waste [to produce a project]
Re-use refers to utilise the whole, a portion of or a specific part of any [articles] substance, material or object from the waste stream [again] for similar or different purpose without changing the form or properties of such [articles] substance, material or object.
Recycling means a process where waste is reclaimed for further use, which process involves the separation of waste from waste stream for further use and the processing of that separated material as a product or raw material.

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